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Journey advertising that does more for agencies and their clients

There is no shortage of DSPs out there, but none of them connect the consumer journey and deliver actionable insights like illumin. illumin’s connected journey lets you control ad creative and frequency at each stage, set alternative paths, and optimize performance based on user flow.

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Why agencies choose illumin

Unmatched targeting, cross-channel execution, insights that empower

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The list of reasons why agencies choose illumin’s programmatic platform is long. Where else can you optimize performance with AI-powered, look-a-like audience modeling, ensuring you reach the most relevant, highest-value customers? Or manage ad reach and frequency across multiple devices and mediums with full reporting and attribution? To top it off, illumin’s real time data lets you dig into performance data so that you can optimize your strategy for the best results.

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Full-funnel cross-channel marketing

A complete canvas of programmatic inventory

illumin lets you leverage display, native, OOH/DOOH video, and audio media formats in order to target your clients across desktop, mobile, video, and tablets. Just because illumin boasts the largest connected canvas, doesn’t mean you need to paint with a broad brush.

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Share the right results
Reporting and insights

Share the right results

There’s no need to keep the good news to yourself. illumin lets you easily create and export insightful, visual reports that highlight the value of your agency to all of your clients and brands.

Manage campaigns
Manage campaigns, your way

illumin offers a range of support that makes managing your digital ad campaigns simple.

Our platform is so intuitive, you don’t have to be a programmatic expert to use it. Take advantage of our self-service option and activate your campaigns in as little as a few weeks. Need a helping hand? Let our team of programmatic experts manage your campaigns so you can stay focused on building your business. illumin’s team of experts work with you to create a strategy that ensures you achieve your goals.

Let the numbers do the talking

What customers are saying about how illumin’s platform helps their agency perform



“The drag and drop technology makes it easy to create campaigns and helps make the most efficient us of my time”



“A full-funnel journey was used to target audiences and nurture them through to conversion resulting in 3x ROAS and a 32% increase in order value.”


Reduction in CPA

“Through a connection journey, we maximized creative efficiency, generating larger volumes of impressions and conversions, outperforming the CPA benchmark by 11%.”

Programmatic made easy

Users love us

Programmatic made easy

“We can plan and buy with this simple and organized interface. Campaigns are getting easy to set up here. I like this most compared to other platforms. It helped us to better understand the consumers’ journey.”

Best platform for programmatic ads

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