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A voter’s journey matters

Only illumin goes beyond line items, piecing together the fragments of digital political campaigns and displaying the entire voter journey. Understand a voter’s mindset and reach them at key moments in their decision-making process – showing them the content and creative messaging that matters the most.

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Target voters wherever they are

Leverage illumin to reach and inform your audience

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Multi-channel targeting lets you reach your audience throughout the entire funnel and create a cohesive message across channels like native, display, CTV, and audio. A cross-channel tactic helps you capture voters who are on only some of the channels you’re using in your campaigns.

Or leverage illumin’s geotargeting capabilities to focus your efforts on the regions that matter most to your campaign. Save time, money and energy ensuring your ad money is spent in your voting district.

Informed strategy
Real-time data

Informed strategy

Create deadline driven campaigns with transparency while accessing full funnel journey reporting on potential voters. Real-time data also allows you to better understand how your messaging moves audiences to optimize your campaign strategy.

Powerful partnerships
Powerful partnerships

Technology you can trust

illumin’s inventory, brand safety and fraud protection, along with premium data and measurement providers to ensure you maximize your campaign impact ensuring your ads have high quality placement with brand safe content, to reach real users.

Full-funnel results

Power your campaign with journey advertising


Above benchmark for brand awareness

Reach more customers with illumin’s advanced targeting capabilities.


Decrease in conversion time

Reduce conversion time when you leverage a full funnel journey approach.


Reduction in CPA

CPA is lower when consumers complete a full-funnel campaign.

Platform for insights of advertisement

G2 Review

Platform for insights of advertisement

“illumin has numerous dashboards with highly detailed information on customer segmentation, market penetration, etc. Moreover, it is very easy to use and browse. illumin helps solve consumer problems by offering multiple delivery options for campaigns and makes the difficult management of media planning as easy as possible.”

Kartik B.

G2 Review

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